Anbul Technologies is a global technology solution provider with more than 25 years of industry and technology experience, specialising in systems integration and modernisation. Our focus is on providing innovated solutions to our customers which empower them to achieve their current and future business goals in the most cost efective manner. We have been providing IT services to a wide range of government and commercial organisations across various countries. We have successfully guided several Australian Local Councils on their journey of modernising their systems. Our fexible service model ranges from full solutions to project based assignments, to ad hoc advisory service. Our customer focus, independence and business understanding allows us to be a trusted advisor to lots of satisfed customers across many industries.

Our Team

To maintain our high calibre technical consulting standard, we place emphasis on building a strong team of fexible consultants with a wealth of technical expertise, industry experience and business understanding. Our Engineering team members are creative, innovative and pragmatic in their thinking, which enables them to pick the most suitable products to design and build the most efcient solutions. Our Delivery team consultants are the ones who implement solutions designed by the engineering team. Their only focus is the customer. By being able to trust the engineering team with all background work, these experts are fully dedicated to provide uninterrupted service to our customers. They are also equipped with good communication and business skills to be able to coordinate with business stakeholders efciently.

Our Approach

At Anbul we pride ourselves on our dedication to service excellence. To be able to deliver low cost solutions efciently, our engineering team works in the background to build solutions addressing customer requirements and puts those through extensive testing. Once the engineering team is satisfed that the solution is viable the delivery team takes it to the customer for implementation. This unique approach of engineering and delivery enables us to know the problems and the solutions even before they occur. It is also crucial to our success that we not only implement solutions but also transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to customer staf, which enables them to become self-sufcient. This approach ensures that customers get the best value out of our engagement.